Bowls -

The classics

but even better!

Each served with your

choice of rice or noodles.

Go! Chinese

Healthier. better.

Go! Chinese is a new found love for all the flavors we crave

in Chinese food without the after party food coma guilt.


Our Chefs have created strikingly confident dishes like Kung Pao Asparagus, Honey BBQ Glazed Avocado and your choice of Tofu or Mushroom Dynamite that allows us to have one wok on authenticity and another

on modern cuisine with a healthier approach.


When you order Go! Chinese, know that only the best produce,

protein and ingredients are delivered straight to your door all across Dubai. 

We also give you the key to our pantry and

let you build your own bowl your way.

Now, chop chop and order!

(We deliver all across Dubai)


it's everything

you've BING craving!

The Chinese wrap.